Assistance Car Leasing

Assistance Car Leasing

There are many providers of car lease plans in The Netherlands.

This service supports individuals looking for a long-term car lease.

We’d be happy to assist you find a lease provider able to offer leasing options within your budget and/or company policy.

Assistance Car Leasing
Assistance Car Leasing
€ 99,00
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Information about: Assistance Car Leasing

A lease plan that works for you is determined by various factors, some of which you can influence while other parameters will be set by company policy.

On understanding your requirements, we can introduce you to leasing partners who will customise an offer for your situation.

Assistance Car Leasing

€ 99,00

Step 1

Orientation discussion

Understand client situation, corporate policy (if applicable)

Step 2

Gather information

Gather required documentation in preparation for submission to lease company

Step 3

Lease company introductions

Introduce client to one or more candidate lease providers

Step 4

Review proposal(s)

Review and compare lease company proposals

Step 5

Finalise agreement

Assist with finalising lease agreement

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