Rent Office Space

Rent Office Space

For companies seeking to rent office-, factory-, or warehouse space we can guide you.

We have expertise regarding (non-listed) opportunities, logistics and infrastructure requirements, market dynamics, pricing and negotiation parameters.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rent Office Space
Space Rental
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Information about: Space Rental

dutcHHaven can help with finding a rental office space, factory space, or warehouse facility.

  • We’ll conduct a detailed intake and create an initial rental search profile which we’ll share (anonymously) with our network.
  • On selection of candidate objects from the short-list, we’ll arrange and conduct a site-visit with you and, based on your feedback, tune your profile further.
  • Once we get to the offer stage, we’ll create an offer letter on your behalf and – together – negotiate the optimal combination of price and conditions.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Space Rental

Price on request

Step 1

Orientation discussion

Understand client situation and high-level requirements

Step 2

Create rental profile

Create rental profile with detailed search criteria

Step 3

Candidate properties

Identify and discuss long-list; develop short-list of canidate properties

Step 4

Arrange viewings

Arrange viewings and accompany client on-site

Step 5


Negotiate rental terms on behalf of client

Step 6


Review rental agreement; Support client in finalising agreements

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